How To Stop/Disable Avast Auto Renewal?

Avast antivirus has a great feature that can save up a lot of your time – auto renewal. If this function is enabled, you never have to worry about the antivirus subscription expiring. Avast will renew it on its own. That way, your computer will always be fully protected.

However, not everyone loves this feature. Some people like to have a full control of all transactions. If you’re one of those who prefer to review and approve payments, you can simply stop the auto renewal. This is something that can be done easily if you follow the steps given by Avast support. Here they are:

  • Step 1 – Open your internet browser
  • Step 2 – Go to the official website of Avast
  • Step 3 – Open Avast customer portal
  • Step 4 – Click the option titled “Look Up Your Order” (you can go there through this link)
  • Step 5 – Enter your login credentials (user ID & password)
  • Step 6 – Open the page Order Details
  • Step 7 – Find the antivirus which you want to stop from auto renewing
  • Step 8 – Click Manage Subscription
  • Step 9 – A new page will open, where you need to change the Auto Renewals to Off
  • Step 10 – You will be asked to confirm your decision, by clicking on “Disable automatic renewal”

When done, the antivirus will no longer be able to automatically extend the subscription. What this means is when the current subscription period ends, you will need to renew it manually. Our advice is to do it the soonest possible, as without an antivirus, your computer will be unprotected.

Alternatively, you can solve this problem by switching to another anti malware program. If you can’t make up your mind on which antivirus is the best for you, feel free call on Avast antivirus support number Australia 1-800-413-882. They will know to tell you which antivirus is the perfect for your needs.


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