Steps To Disable Firewall In Avast Internet Security

The whole point of antivirus firewall is to keep dangerous files and apps away from your computer. It will also prevent you from visiting potentially harmful websites. Most antiviruses have great firewalls, but if we had to pick the best, we would go with Avast. Avast Internet Security has a firewall feature that is guaranteed to keep malware at bay.

However, some users feel that the firewall is too strict. In some cases, it will prevent you from visiting sites that are generally considered safe. It may also prevent certain files and applications from downloading. If this is what annoys you as well, you can switch it off. Although we don’t recommend it, you can disable the firewall in Avast Internet Security in a few easy steps. Here they are:

  • Step 1 – Open Avast Internet Security
  • Step 2 – Go to Tools (the icon representing a screwdriver and a wrench)
  • Step 3 – Choose Firewall in the Tools menu
  • Step 4 – Change the firewall settings to Off

When done, you will see a message stating that your computer is not safe. This is true – without the firewall, your computer is prone to downloading certain files that can harm it. The good news is that the dangerous files can be detected and quarantined with a simple antivirus scan. So, if you’re planning to keep the firewall disabled, our advice is to scan the PC on a regular basis.

Another thing you should pay attention to in this case is to stay away from suspicious websites. Do not open any pages that you haven’t in the past, as they might contain dangerous files and applications. Remember that viruses are lurking everywhere, so do your best not to get your computer infected. But, if the unfortunate scenario happens, you will be able to deal with it by giving a call to Avast technical support 1-800-413-882.


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